The Dreamy Silk Whispers


Silk is a natural protein fibre that Mother Nature created. Legend has it that the story of silk all started in the 27th century B.C. when a cocoon fell into the tea cup of Empress Leizu, the wife of the Yellow Emperor. When Leizu found that the silk from the cocoon can be stretched to cover her entire garden, she started to study the silk worms and eventually invented the silk loom.

For long silk fibre has enjoyed the reputation of the Queen of fibres. It is made of cellular albumen akin to human skin, with 18 kinds of Amino acids which are beneficial to human body, hence the reputation of “human’s second skin”. It not only has the smooth, supple touch, and shimmering glow, its breathable, moisture-absorbing and temperature-adjusting qualities make it one of the most luxurious material for fashionable wear, sleepwear, bedding and home style with year-round comfort. In the winter, a colourful silk scarf breaks the solemnness of the greyish winter sky, and a thin layer of silk underneath thicker garment can bring added warmth to the body. In the summer, the breathable and moisture-absorbing silk garments bring comfort and touch no other fabric offers.


Silk duvets and silk bedding greatly enhance the comfort and luxury of your bedroom. As silk is a poor conductor of electricity and thus susceptible to static cling, silk duvets will not collect dust or skin dander over the years, making it the cleanest duvet compared to down or polyester duvet. The sericin in silk also kills or inhibits the growth of microorganism, hence the silk duvet and bedding are hypo-allergic, and is especially beneficial for people with skin problems, allergies or asthma. The breathable, temperature-adjusting properties of silk duvet and bedding make it feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It naturally adjusts your body temperature and moisture, ensuring a night-long rest while help speeding the metabolism of skin cells. These health benefits of silk duvets and beddings make it a natural beauty product for people of all ages, but especially beneficial for easing the hot-flashes during menopause. Once you have tried silk duvet and bedding, you will never want to switch to any other bed wear.

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